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For a senior citizen, being able to drive is an important part of life. This allows the senior citizen to feel as if they are still independent and in control of their lives. However, many times, there are certain issues that result in a senior citizen not being able to operate a motor vehicle anymore. It is very important, as a senior citizen, to know the warning signs that it is time for you to hand over your keys to a trusted friend or relative. Here, you will learn some basic senior citizen driving warning signs. If you exhibit any of these signs, you should immediately discuss them with your doctor.

1) One of the warning signs that it is time for you to quit driving as a senior citizen is when you start to have serious issues with your vision. Not being able to see properly can result in accidents. This is because the space and time ratio of driving are not easily interpreted. You may have a difficult time reading road signs, you may have many dangerously close encounters with other vehicles on the roadway, and you may even start to drive in more then one lane on the roadway. If you start to experience these issues, you should have a vision test to see if it helps to identify any vision issues that can be corrected. If you have a vision issue that cannot be corrected, you should discontinue operating a vehicle. 2) Another warning sign that it is time for you to quit driving as a senior citizen is if you experience hearing loss that is not able to be corrected. If you have hearing loss, you may not be able to hear important things that occur on the roadway. 3) If you experience mobility that is restricted as a senior citizen, you should discontinue driving. Mobility that is affected in your senior citizen years can affect the reaction time that you experience on the road. If you have a slow reaction time, you may not be able to avoid accidents and other situations on the roadway. 4) If you take various types of medications as a senior citizen that can affect your ability to drive a vehicle, you should avoid driving. Some medications can make you dizzy and drowsy. Neither one of these symptoms are good to experience while you are driving. If you do experience these types of symptoms, you should not drive while medicated.

If you are a senior citizen and you recognize any of these symptoms, it is important that you seek the care of a medical professional. Your doctor will be able to perform testing that is required to determine if you should continue driving. They may refer you to the Department of Motor Vehicles for additional testing if they deem that it is necessary. Remember, driving can be fun and exciting as it displays your independence, but accidents can quickly limit your independence.

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